BOSS The Collection – Fragrance Review


The steady rise in popularity of high end niche fragrances over the last 20 years has sent the traditional designer brands scrambling to reclaim their market shares.  The game plan (whether it works or not) is obvious:  continue putting out their regular mass market releases; also offer a separate more expensive collection to the clientele who shop in their luxury boutiques around the world.

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Dior Fahreheit – Fragrance Review


Dior Fahrenheit (1988) belongs in the hall of fame for sure.  It has sold very well since being introduced, it’s well known by many, still retains a strong following, and has a very unique smell.

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L’Artisan Timbuktu – Fragrance Review


Ok.  Timbuktu (2004).  You can certainly go read the marketing material accompanying this fragrance.  Supposedly inspired by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour’s travels to this old African city in Mali and a magical love ritual…blah…blah…blah.  That being said, I do have to admit the name Timbuktu does have a certain appeal and allure to it that cannot be dismissed.  I doubt I would have taken quite the interest in this fragrance if it were named L’Artisan #4 or something bland like that.  While I am making confessions, I must also fess up I do tend to gravitate toward several of these African & Middle Eastern inspired blends:  Timbuktu; L’air du Desert Marocain; Poivre Samarcande; Ambre Sultan; Fumerie Turque; Aoud Cuir d’Arabie.

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Dior Oud Ispahan – Fragrance Review


When it was very first released I wasn’t that big on Dior Oud Ispahan (2012). I tested it at the Dior boutique on paper and also left with a spray on my hand. I didn’t find it to be an exceptional rose fragrance, nor the mystical oud fragrance of my dreams. There were some positive reviews of it put out after that about the smell and also how good the longevity was. I sort of brushed that aside for awhile. A few months later I saw a good price on a sales thread for a 10ml decant and decided, agh whatever lets get it and test it out further.

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Slumberhouse Jeke – Fragrance Review


Next up in my Slumberhouse series is Jeke (2008).  After reading about each fragrance from the Slumberhouse website, I was most excited to try Jeke.  The thought of humidors, cigars, leather, spice and woods sounded like any man’s fantasy fragrance.

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Slumberhouse Norne – Fragrance Review


The inspiration behind Norne is related to a genre of music that came out of Scandinavia called black metal. It is kind of a campy genre nowadays, but there was a time that it was a very unique genre, and with it comes a very unique way of thinking. I wouldn’t say misanthropic or nihilistic, but kind of isolationist and nature plays a heavy part in that. I wanted to create something that was kind of poetic and dark, like an Edgar Allen Poe type of morbid, nocturnal, dusky feel to it.          — Josh Lobb

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Slumberhouse Sova – Fragrance Review


The first Slumberhouse fragrance I feel like discussing is Sova (2012).  The first interesting thing to note about Sova is that a full note listing appears to have been given.  I had read that Josh does not like giving out note listings, so I am not sure what prompted the change this time.  My speculation is that because of the very unusual raw materials used, he wanted to share exactly what he was putting into this one.  I would also speculate that this fragrance took considerable time and experimentation to create.

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