Hello all.  I hope everyone is having a happy new year and working toward your goals for the year.

I have spent the past several years exploring the world of fragrance.  One area that I have only in the past few months begin to delve into is the world of indie perfumery.  To an outside layperson, calling fragrance houses like Serge Lutens, Le Labo, and Frederic Malle “big companies” must seem like a funny concept.  However, once you have immersed yourself into this world, you realize that there are much smaller operations.  Often times within the indie houses, the owner is the perfumer, mixer, bottler, and shipper.  A one person operation.

After discovering that there are all of these independent perfumers, I certainly wanted to get my feet wet and try some of them.  Around this time, I came across a post on Basenotes as well as a YouTube video discussing Slumberhouse.  After visiting their website, I ended up ordering their sample pack.  I have been trying them for the past two months, and am ready to give my impressions of them through a series of posts.

So let’s use the remainder of this post to introduce Slumberhouse and the guy behind it.  The perfumer’s name is Josh Lobb of Portland, Oregon.  I’d tell you about him, but he posted his own bio:

josh_lobbI was as able to gather some more information about him from an interview he gave last year.  He says that Slumberhouse is inspired by “urban and street culture, music and film, especially with hip-hop and graffiti subculture.”  He is completely self taught, and learned mostly through trial & error.  My impressions of him are that he is a humble, low key guy who makes fragrance because he enjoys the creative process.  He started selling his fragrances on Etsy in 2008 and has slowly gathered customers and recognition.  Josh also mentions that his favorite perfumer is Christopher Sheldrake (mine too!) from his work at Serge Lutens.

I think his admiration of Sheldrake is quite evident in his Slumberhouse creations.  If you have never smelled Slumberhouse, I would say that the houses of Serge Lutens & Nasomatto can be your reference point and give you an idea of what you can expect.  He makes his fragrance in Espirit de Parfum strength.  Higher than Eau de Parfum, but lower than Parfum.  Needless to say, we are talking about some potent stuff.  However while they are strong, they are still quite wearable in my opinion.  Wearable, but unconventional and unique.  They create an atmosphere, rather than announce perfume to me.  Of course if you enter a room people will realize that you are wearing a fragrance, however if someone enters the room that you are in, they may just think that the room has a great smell to it instead of pinpointing that it’s your fragrance.

Mr. Lobb uses a very interesting palette of ingredients.  Hops, poplar bud, genet, araucaria, melilot, beeswax, acacia, oud, lichen, pine needles, clay, cola, filbert, hay, cade, tobacco, fir balsam, clove, anise, copaiba.  Needless to say they are very captivating.

My next few posts, I will give my thoughts on some of the Slumberhouse fragrances.


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