Slumberhouse Norne – Fragrance Review


The inspiration behind Norne is related to a genre of music that came out of Scandinavia called black metal. It is kind of a campy genre nowadays, but there was a time that it was a very unique genre, and with it comes a very unique way of thinking. I wouldn’t say misanthropic or nihilistic, but kind of isolationist and nature plays a heavy part in that. I wanted to create something that was kind of poetic and dark, like an Edgar Allen Poe type of morbid, nocturnal, dusky feel to it.          — Josh Lobb


As far as I know there is no exact note listing given for Slumberhouse Norne (2012).  The best available is: pine, moss, lichen, fern, fir balsam, resins, incense.


The uniqueness of Norne lies in that it is composed entirely of absolutes.  While this increases the cost from a production standpoint, it helps to create the most authentic smell possible that the perfumer is trying to recreate.  In fact, Norne’s ingredients cost so much, Slumberhouse is making little to no profit off of this fragrance.

Smelling Norne culls images of being in a dark deep enchanted forest.  The smells of pine needles, moss, cloves, split trees, pepper, and camphorous resins and balsams surrounding me.  This forest is alive!


While you may think a dark green, nearly black, fragrance would be difficult to wear, the camphorous and herbal qualities give it a bracing freshness in a most unique way.  However, I could see how some could possibly construe this to smell medicinal or similar to a hospital cleaning product.  For me, I find this fragrance to be dark and mysterious, but  with more wearability than you will find in any fragrance of a similar genre.  Beautiful.

For a fragrance that has only been out for around a year, Norne has gained many fans and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.  I think this fragrance is exceptional and worthy of extremely high praise.  This is my favorite fragrance from the Slumberhouse line.  It is no doubt the best fragrance I tried all of last year.  The art, the smell, and the imagery is second to none.   I am captivated.


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