Slumberhouse Jeke – Fragrance Review


Next up in my Slumberhouse series is Jeke (2008).  After reading about each fragrance from the Slumberhouse website, I was most excited to try Jeke.  The thought of humidors, cigars, leather, spice and woods sounded like any man’s fantasy fragrance.

Notes include:  tobacco absolute, cade, patchouli, labdanum, benzoin

Upon initial application, I was extremely excited from what I was smelling and where I was hoping Jeke was going.  There was a lovely mixture of tobacco and leather emanating from my skin.  It also had a nice undertone of woody smokiness from the cade, a species of juniper from the Mediterranean region.  The aroma certainly was reminiscent of a cigar bar or country club men’s lounge.  A walk-in humidor, leather couches, and men enjoying a nice hand-rolled Dominican perhaps while playing a game of poker or gin rummy.


I am unsure how I was hoping the fragrance would develop.  A nice aroma, but unfortunately I found it to settle down and lose it robustness.  Similar to smoking an actual cigar, I enjoyed it for a time, but after awhile I lost interest in Jeke and was ready to be done with it.


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