Slumberhouse Vikt – Fragrance Review


As we continue our Slumberhouse journey, Vikt (2009) takes us back to the woods of Norne.  The notes given are oud, styrax, laurel.

No doubt this is the most difficult of the Slumberhouse fragrances for me to describe.  The description that Slumberhouse gave is that of rich syrupy saps oozing from dark woods.  When smelling Vikt, my mind is filled with thoughts of resins and oils freshly pressed and extracted for eventual incense burning.  I say freshly pressed because it is not smoky.  In fact, Vikt has a lot of greenness to it coming from the Madagascan laurel called ravensara.  Ravensara has a mildly camphorous scent, reminiscent of but milder than eucalyptus.  I like this addition as it mixes well and helps balance out the sweet metallic sap.  In the drydown, the sweetness fades and fragrance becomes more woody.


I would guess that marijuana lovers would enjoy the smell of Vikt.  I am not saying that it smells like cannabis, but the sticky resins mixed with the green notes do share some similarities.  Perhaps this is where perfumer Joss Lobb found some inspiration.

The only downside I am noticing is that it seemingly doesn’t last as well as some of the others.  I do not know if this is solely a fault of the fragrance or if in fact olfactory fatigue plays a part.

Overall, Vikt is one of my favorites from the Slumberhouse line.  It is more than a fragrance, but an olfactory experience.  One that I hope you will try.


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