Dior Oud Ispahan – Fragrance Review


When it was very first released I wasn’t that big on Dior Oud Ispahan (2012). I tested it at the Dior boutique on paper and also left with a spray on my hand. I didn’t find it to be an exceptional rose fragrance, nor the mystical oud fragrance of my dreams. There were some positive reviews of it put out after that about the smell and also how good the longevity was. I sort of brushed that aside for awhile. A few months later I saw a good price on a sales thread for a 10ml decant and decided, agh whatever lets get it and test it out further.

I have worn it out 4-5 times in the past few months. It has great projection and great longevity. 1 spray will get you noticed, 2 sprays is plenty, 3 or more sprays and you are basically seeking attention (which isn’t always a bad thing). I swear that I do not prioritize compliment factor as the main reason I wear fragrances, but I must admit with Oud Ispahan it has probably moved up a few points in my book because it so far has received several wonderful compliments.

It does have a fair amount of sweetness, but I do enjoy that aspect in Ispahan. I would almost describe this fragrance as a sort of rose cocktail. I still do not think this is a holy grail rose or oud fragrance. I do think it is fairly priced in it genre (no higher than the other La Collection Privée fragrances either), and less pretentious than many of the other high priced rose/oud fragrances who claim to use real agarwood extract. It is in my estimation more wearable and tolerable to people around you than some of the other ones as well.  I will still be on the hunt for a fragrance that really gives me the feeling of being an Arab sultan wearing the finest sourced materials available.

I would say this is a good purchase option if you are looking to add a going out/nighttime fragrance to your wardrobe as I think that is where it shines the best. It is different than what other people (especially guys) are wearing while still being people pleasing. It has so far kept my interest as well. I am not sure how my feelings will be after I go through a full 10ml, but as of now I would love to own a bottle of Ispahan…as well as it’s less civil sibling Leather Oud.  Overall, a solid release from Dior.


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  1. This is something that I’ve been hearing about lately. And since it’s with roses I need to check it out. I’m so into roses lately. I bought Portrait Of A Lady by Frederic Malle and Oud Rose by By Killian and now really need to go get a sniff of this. It sounds awesome.

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