Frapin L’Humaniste – Fragrance Review


I’m very happy today to discuss one of my favorite summertime fragrances.

I first experienced L’Humaniste (2009) a year and a half ago during my stop to the famous Scent Bar while on a trip to Los Angeles.  I was immediately impressed and a few months later I purchased a full bottle.  It has been a warm weather mainstay for me since.  As you can see above in the picture I took, I have already gone through almost half of it.

The pleasant mix of notes include: citrus, bergamot, cardamom, bay berry, black pepper, juniper, nutmeg, thyme, peony, gin, oakmoss, tonka bean.

Frapin L’Humaniste opens up like a freshly made gin and tonic.  Sparkling citruses mixed with juniper.  There is also aromatic pepper combined with other light spices that gives this fragrance definition.  Underneath this blend you will find oakmoss and smooth tonka bean.


When I smell this fragrance I think of the color white.  It’s casual and relaxed, but classic and refined.  It makes me want to get outside and enjoy the summer.  Going to various events and local gatherings.  Enjoying afternoon cocktails in a backyard with a group of friends.  L’Humaniste is social, friendly, self-confident and well-dresed.

Summer is the season to make lasting memories.  Find yourself a good fragrance to accompany you and later when you spray it the good times will come flooding back.




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3 thoughts on “Frapin L’Humaniste – Fragrance Review

  1. Lovely review David! This one didn’t really work for me unfortunately and whilst I’m still on the hunt for a perfect summer citrus – glad to hear your enjoying this one 😀 I’ll be sure to come back to it though it’s been a long time since I’ve tried it.

    • Thanks Freddie. The smell of this one just does it for me! hah! I get decent lasting power for a citrus fragrance, though some people say they aren’t as fortunate. Olfactive Studios has a similar citrus fragrance to L’Humaniste called Still Life. I’m thinking you might have already tried that one too.

      Recently, I started going through my summer samples that I have picked up over the last few years to see if there are any treasures that I overlooked the first time around.

      • Yeh I remember it not lasting too long on me 🙁
        Nah I haven’t tried that. The only thing from the Olfactive Studios I tried properly was Chambre Noire – which sucked, and a quick sniff to another translucent peppery thing, which was poor too – so I decided not to return to the line for a while 😛
        Well, you know me! I’m more floral for summer 😉 I would love a good citrus though 🙁 I just don’t know what I’m after…

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