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I’ve spent the last several years now exploring fragrances.  The online communities are filled with great information and amazing people.  I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them.

I started out by watching YouTube reviews.  I worked my way over to the Basenotes forums.  I try to stay up with the discussions on there and will occasionally comment.  There are also many Facebook groups dedicated to fragrance that I am now part of.

One source that I have always neglected is blogs.  I have definitely read hundreds of blog posts on fragrance when they come up in a web search, but I have never been a regular reader of them.  The main contributor to this is the simple fact blogs are not consolidated to one website.  I’ve toyed with different news aggregators in the past, but I have never found one I very much cared for until recently.

Feedly is an aggregator that offers a simple and easy to use interface.  The different views are beautiful and easy to navigate.  I’m finally able to follow all of my favorite blogs in one place.  Feedly just completed some major upgrades that you will really love.  They now offer pure web access through your browser.  No need to download any extra plugins or programs.  This comes in handy for people who can’t install items on their work computers.  Besides being able to access Feedly from any computer, they also offer mobile apps which lets you keep up to date with your favorite blogs no matter where you are.


I have really been loving this free service since I started on it a month ago.  I definitely recommend you try it out, especially if you don’t currently use a service like this.  Just sign up and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.  I of course hope you add ScentBriefs to your feed, but there are a lot of other fantastic blogs out there written by some very friendly and knowledgeable people.  Feedly makes consuming all of these blogs so simple, but do be sure to leave nice comments when you read something that you find really helpful or enjoyable.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions that you have.

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