Yes, I am alive and well. This blog is also alive. I never thought I would update this site with high frequency, but I never thought I wouldn’t update it for this long either. 2012 was an interesting and busy year for me. Not much time for this blog or my YouTube channel. I don’t apologize for the lack of content, but at the same time I really wish I could have been around more. In 2012 we also saw many other fragrance reviewers go on a hiatus. I was pondering this the other day. I personally think this is an inevitability based on the fact that the majority of reviewers are in their late 20s & early 30s. These are tough years for individuals including myself. We are trying to get our early careers going which is extremely time consuming and leaves little time for much else. For those that are simultaneously starting families, I can’t even imagine the lack of sleep & free time they are forgoing.

I need to come up with some organized topics to blog & make videos about. I am hopefully “back” for at least the time being. I could talk about fragrances for days straight without missing a beat. I have so many opinions that I know some of you would find of value. I just need to put the pieces together. Talk to you soon my friends…