BOSS The Collection – Fragrance Review


The steady rise in popularity of high end niche fragrances over the last 20 years has sent the traditional designer brands scrambling to reclaim their market shares.  The game plan (whether it works or not) is obvious:  continue putting out their regular mass market releases; also offer a separate more expensive collection to the clientele who shop in their luxury boutiques around the world.

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Dior Fahreheit – Fragrance Review


Dior Fahrenheit (1988) belongs in the hall of fame for sure.  It has sold very well since being introduced, it’s well known by many, still retains a strong following, and has a very unique smell.

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Top 10 Designer Fall Fragrances 2011

You may or may not have found my blog because of my YouTube videos.  I most likely will not post every video here on this blog, but there are some that definitely will be added such as my top for each season lists.  This video is where I list my favorite designer fragrances for Fall 2011.  Every fragrance on this list can be had for well under $100 at the time of posting.  You can definitely expect to see reviews of some of these here in the future.

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